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Miriam Dale is a poet and educator who has been playing with words, rhythm, and the big questions of life for over a decade. Check out her books, find her on YouTube, book her for a performance or register for a poetry workshop!

“Loved the way Miriam enabled us to write poems so effortlessly….amazing!”

Miriam Dale is a poet who digs beneath the skin and stirs up a multitude of senses: our sense of fun, our sense of injustice, our sense of shame, our sense of common humanity. All of this is done within the context of her knowing and being known by God. She chooses words with the precision of a surgeon, and an awareness of orality, so that they dance around our heads long after the reading. Be warned: you will be moved to tears, laughter, and action.”

Kara Martin, Australian Author, Speaker, and University Lecturer.

“Miriam’s work bursts with colour and flavour like grapes in the mouth – familiar to the heart, but fresh to the ear. She truly is a poet – using just the best ideas and phrases to re-see, renew, and revivify the world around us. Miriam’s words are honest, sharp, soothing, comforting and confronting – I recommend a weekly dose.”

– Cameron Semmens, Australian Poet

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