Commissioned Poetry

“[My son] surprised me with an early birthday present – this poem written especially for me which he’d commissioned from the amazing Miriam Dale. I was so moved by how well it captured some of the deep things I feel.”

– Recipient of a commissioned poem in 2019.

A poem is one of the most poignant, personal, and precious gifts you can give to someone …

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Miriam Dale has been writing commissioned pieces for more than a decade, for weddings and celebrations, griefs and challenges. She writes for friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Her pieces function as story, memory, prayer and prophecy. See below for excerpts from some of her previously commissioned pieces.

Excerpt from commissioned Poem:
God Had Fun

“God must have had such fun making you!
With layers of heart in your fingertips,
Everything you touch, stitched
With your care and courage …”

Excerpt from commissioned poem:

“That sense of being untethered in the
In-between, waiting on some new thing,
Life or job or lover,
Open roads and marked down maps-
Any certainty discovered.
When all the threads of known are now blowing
Free, in the breeze, the air full of uncertainty,
The different limbs of our lives risking
Lift-off, afraid that they might float away and
Never come back down…

It’s in this breathless state that we drift, for a time.
Each new day, leaning into people and practices that
Ground us, core muscles shaking, tense like Pilates,
Hold identity tight in the waiting.
Steadiness looks like the little things, or sometimes nothing, and it
Could be (sometimes is) completely overwhelming if not for the
Constancy, companionship, camaraderie of
Our fellow-adventurer, best-friend, soul-lover, patient-waiter,

One who
Stays the same, is better than best, and yet still understands fear.
The room might still spin and change might still come, but
He never leaves our side, holding tight
His grip always stronger than our own.

Excerpt from commissioned poem:
Wedding Poem for Jason and Maddy

“They met, you see,
In Lakes Entrance,
Both there on a mission
Focused bundles of energy
She, all blonde-haired, big-hearted, bumble-bee-joy
He, all Tigger-tailed bounce, and sincerity.

She noticed him almost immediately,
This gentleman who was actually
A deeply
Gentle Man.
All honouring and listening, and
Calm. Oh! –
And a sense of fun!
Pillow-fights and guitar-hero runs
And deep heart, hidden but strong.”

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