Poetry Workshops

Always wanted to write poetry but not sure where to start?

Want to craft your words for a special moment?

Want to process your life experiences through art?

Wherever you’re at this workshop can stretch your understanding and give you tools to play with, delight in, and excel with words. Sign up here to grow your poetry!

With a focus on metaphor and writing for your context, this workshop uses free association, structured exercises, and linguistic techniques to help you grow your poetry and self-expression, whichever stage you are at!

Miriam has been writing poetry and playing with words for many years, using her work to help her in her own self reflection, in giving voice to others’ stories, and in presenting and teaching and performing contexts for over two decades.

She has published two award winning books and facilitated poetry workshops across the country, for a variety of contexts, ages, and levels of writing experience.

Sign up here to enrol in an upcoming workshop!

To book Miriam for a personalised workshop for your friends or family, please contact her here.

*All workshops are currently virtual (as of June 2020) until it becomes safe to start meeting regularly in person again.

“It was such a safe space and it was lovely to see the way that Miriam led and nurtured us in a gentle exploration of something new or not so new to the creative amongst us. Thanks to everyone for embracing the experience and being open and vulnerable to be in that space. I don’t know Miriam well so it was lovely to be able to see her in this light and to appreciate the maturity and depth of her wisdom.”

“Loved the way Miriam enabled us to write poems so effortlessly…. amazing!”

Find Miriam Dale on:
YouTube = Miriam Dale Armchair Poet
Facebook = MiriamDaleWritings
Instagram = mimpoet

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